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[tlt_list_item]Thinking of buying or selling a business or franchise ?[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Is there a contract?[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]What if there isn’t a contract?[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Where do you stand if a problem arises ?[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Do you understand the special conditions ?[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]The “fine print” ?[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]What documents must be attached to the contract ? What if they aren’t ?[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]What if the business is a “lemon” ?[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Can you get your money back ?[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Do you need to sign a lease  ?[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Commercial or retail lease  ?[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]What’s the difference ?[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Sole trader or should you set up a company ?[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]What about business succession planning ?[/tlt_list_item]

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