Selling your home

Selling your home is an exciting and sometime stressful time but before your agent can market your property you need to prepare a contract. We can help ease your stress by offering advice before and throughout the process.

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We can assist you with the sale process as we conduct and reviewing the searches necessary to prepare your contract. Once completed we forward the contract (electronic, email or hardcopy) to your agent and will confirm with you that your contract is ready. This normally takes around 3-5 days.

Once your agent has found a purchaser and negotiations are completed, your contract is exchanged with the purchaser’s.

Vendors do not get a cooling off period so once contracts are exchanged you are committed to the sale.

After we confirm exchange with you we contact your mortgagee to arrange the discharge of your existing mortgage.

As settlement approaches we review the settlement figures and adjustments with you.

Settlement is normally 35 or 42 days after exchange of contracts.

At settlement the balance of the purchase price is received from purchaser and your Certificate of Title and other settlement documents are handed to the purchaser in return.

We attend settlement on your behalf to ensure the all funds and all title and transfer documents are correct.

Once settlement is confirmed with you we deposit your settlement proceeds into your account as required.

PEXA is the new electronic settlements workspace and we are pleased to be able to provide this service to you.

Electronic settlements don’t require physical settlement meetings, cheques or paper transfer documents. This means that they are more reliable and funds transfers are processed directly into or from your accounts.

We use an application called PEXAKey to receive your encrypted bank details for settlement funds and you can preview how this works by viewing the videos below (registration):

Requesting bank details:

Settlement notifications:

With the advent of electronic conveyancing settlements via the PEXA platform:

  • Standard PEXA (electronic) sale from $1,295.00 (incl. GST)

My fees and disbursements are payable in two stages:

  • $295.00 plus disbursements to prepare the contract (incl. GST); and
  • Balance on completion of your sale (usually paid from the purchase funds)

Additional Work for fixed Professional Fee – if required

  • Licence for early occupation from $220.00 (incl. GST)

*Our fixed fee offer relates to our professional fees to carry out the work. It does not include disbursements and search costs because these will depend on the individual property and circumstances of the transaction. We are also able to give an estimate of your search costs after some initial investigation about the property in consultation with you.

*Our fixed fee offer includes all professional work reasonably required to complete a single lot Torrens title transfer or single lot Strata title transfer including liaising with your lender (this work is outlined in our costs agreement). Where additional work becomes necessary to complete your transaction we will provide an updated costs estimate before commencing the additional work. 

When preparing a contract for sale there are a range of searches and certificates which must be attached to the contract, for example, a council planning certificate, drainage diagram from the local water authority, swimming pool certificates etc.

The cost of preparing your contract will vary depending on the property you are selling and the price for each individual search required.

Some typical costs for disbursements

  • Local Council and Authorities searches from $200.00
  • PEXA transaction fees/Settlement Agent’s fee from … $110.00
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